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LAST UPDATE: 11-19-2006

Ok.. once again I have been lax in updating. I'm so so very sorry! Been feeling a bit under the weather lately and I got a wee bit over indulgent at Sugoicon. So I've been paying for it for a week. With full time work and such it's a bit hard to catch my breath. Kinda sucks but I like the money. Anyways without further delayhere is another installment. I hope you enjoy!

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Welcome to the premier installment of Hard Wired Fanboys. More than simply a slice-of-life piece dealing with three hard core nerds, Hard Wired Fanboys probes the human experience in search of the deeper meaning of life and the human condition. Well, not so much probes as glances – a quick scan at best. Join in the abnormal lives of Bobby, Ian, and Scotty as they watch anime and sci-fi, play Dungeons and Dragons, and avoid sunlight whenever possible. Look for updates twice a week – at least until art-boy Yad lapses into a coma – of nerd-friendly fun. Now relax and enjoy our humble offering to the web-comic landscape, it'll only hurt for a minute or so.

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Artist: Yad M. Mui

Writer: John Adams

Hard Wired Fanboys - copyright © 2002-2006 Yad Mui and John Adams. all rights reserved.